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Flightamins combines ancient wisdom with modern research. Our high quality formulations are easily absorbed, natural and just what you need to survive the pressures of the modern world. 

Flightamins has been carefully designed to support: 

  • Immunity 
  • Vitality
  • Stress reduction
  • Mood
  • Circulation
  • Focus & concentration
  • Jet lag recovery
  • Hydration
  • Hangover recovery
  • Sleep quality
Each Flightamins capsule contains 27 Bio-available vitamins & minerals sourced from plant ingredients.

Vitamins and minerals in Flightamins:

Full B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E (alpha tocopherols), Mixed Carotenoids, Zinc, Biotin, Iron, Selenium, Manganese and Copper.

6 Electrolytes in Flightamins: Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Chloride, Bicarbonate.

We obtain our nutrients from plant ingredients only!

Full List of Flightamins Herbal Ingredients:

American Ginseng- Panax quinquefolius

Flightamins American Ginseng


  • May help reduce stress 
  • May boost vitality and performance
  • May support mental function
  • May improve memory
  • May support the immune system

Origin of use: Used in Traditional Chinese medicine and Native America

Thermal nature: Cooling 

Category: Adaptogen

Active Ingredients & Nutrition:  American ginseng contains many ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are a class of triterpene saponins and steroidal glycosides and are found exclusively in ginseng.

    Amla- Emblica officinalis, Phyllanthus emblica

    Flightamins Amla


    • May support immunity 
    • May provide support agains viral and bacterial infections 
    • May reduce pain and inflammation
    • May improve sexual function

    Origin of use: Ayuvedic medicine, used in middle east and south east Asia

    Thermal nature: Neutral

    Category: Antioxidant, anti-microbial

    Active Ingredients & Nutrition: Amla fruits contain high amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), ellagitannins (emblicanin A, emblicanin B, punigluconin and pedunculagin), punicafolin, phyllanemblinin A, phyllanemblin, flavonoids, kaempferol, ellagic acid and gallic acid.

    Ashwagandha- Withania somnifera


    • May reduce inflammation
    • May reduce stress
    • May support sleep quality
    • May increase muscle mass and strength
    • May improve sexual function 

    Origin of use: Ayuvedic medicine also found in Nepal, China and Yemen

    Thermal nature: Warming

    Category: Adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing

    Active Ingredients & Nutrition: Ashwagandha root contains alkaloids and steroidal lactones, including tropine, cuscohygrine, saponins, phytosterols, carotenoids, P-glycoprotein, oxygenated volatile compounds, linoleic acid, oleic acid, and phenolic compounds.

    Annatto- Bixa Orellana


    • May support healthy digestion
    • May promote healing 
    • May reduce inflammation
    • May have antioxidant benefit 

    Origin of use: South America

    Thermal nature: Neutral 

    Category: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory

    Active Ingredients & Nutrition: The seeds are high in cocotrienol a form of vitamin E. Vitamin A and a rich source of antioxidants cis-bixin, plus calcium, and iron. Contains carotenoids, apocarotenoids, sterols, monoterpenese, sesquiterpenese triterpenoids volatile oils. 

    Curry Leaves- Murraya koenigii 


    • May support immunity 
    • May support neurological function 
    • May support healthy bone development
    • May support healthy iron levels 

    Origin of use: Ayuvedic medicine

    Thermal nature: Warming 

    Category: Antioxidant

    Active Ingredients & Nutrition: Curry leaves contain vitamin C, A, B vitamins including niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and folic acid. They contain carbazole alkaloids and an ingredient called linolool, compounds that have antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-cancer properties. They are high in iron and calcium. With 100g of curry leaves yeilding 830 mg of calcium and 1mg of iron. 

    Elderberry- Sambucus nigra


    • Boosts immunity
    • May reduce inflammation
    • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties 
    • May reduce the severity and duration of the common cold. 

    Origin of use: Worldwide

    Thermal nature: Neutral

    Category: Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial

    Active Ingredients & Nutrition: They contain vitamin C, moderate amounts of vitamin B6 and iron. Plus polyphenols, flavonoids, agglutinins and anthocyanins. 

    Gotu Kola Centella asiatica


    • May improve cognitive function & memory
    • May reduce anxiety and stress
    • May improve circulation, reduce swelling and decrease joint pain
    • May support sleep 

    Origin of use:  Ayuvedic & Chinese medicine, used worldwide.

    Thermal nature: Cooling 

    Category: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-anxiety, antibiotic. Nootropic, circulation support and aphrodisiac

    Active Ingredients & Nutrition: Gotu kola contains large amounts of pentacyclic triterpenoids (asiaticoside, brahmoside, asiatic acid, and brahmic acid). Other compounds of gotu kola include centellose, centelloside, and madecassoside.

    Guava Leaf- Psidium guajava


    • Provides antioxidants
    • May reduce inflammation
    • Improves immunity
    • May relieve pain, act as anti inflammatory 
    • May support digestive function

    Origin of use: Tropical countries 

    Thermal nature: Neutral. 

    Category: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory.

    Active Ingredients & Nutrition: The compounds of the guava leaves include pyrogallol, palmitic acid, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, guavinosides, gallocatechin, tannins, guajadial, psidial, psiguadials, nerolidiol, caryophyllene, beta bisabolene, p-selinene, aromandreno, beta sitosterol, leucocyanidins, and titerpenoides. 

      Holy Basil- Tulsi

      Benefits of Holy Basil: 

      • May support immunity
      • May reduce inflammation and headache
      • May protect against bacteria and fungus 
      • May support digestion and liver function
      • May assist in mood regulation

      Origin of use: India. Is now grown in every continent

      Thermal nature: Neutral

      Category: Adaptogenic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyritic

      Active Ingredients & Nutrition:  Tulsi contains eugenol, carvacrol, ursolic acid, β-caryophyllene and rosmarinic acid. 



      • May support immunity 
      • May increase absorption of iron 
      • Contains vitamin C and bioflavanoids 

      Origin of use: Worldwide. 

      Thermal nature: Neutral. 

      Category: Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant. 

      Active Ingredients & Nutrition: Contains natural vitamin C, limonene and naringenin.

      Nut Grass Rhizome- Cyperus Rotundus


      • May support healthy digestive function 
      • May support regular menstruation
      • May reduce menstrual pain
      • May support immunity & respiration
      • May support healthy circulation

      Origin of use: India and China. In Chinese medicine its called Xiang Fu

      Thermal nature: Neutral

      Category: Anti spasmodic, anti inflammatory

      Active Ingredients & Nutrition: Contains flavanoids and over 20 volatile oils. 

      Pine Bark- Cortex Pinus


      • May support the immune system 
      • May support vitality and sexual function 
      • May support healthy circulation
      • May support healthy skin
      • May support healthy blood sugar levels 

      Origin of use: Northern hemisphere

      Thermal nature: Neutral

      Category: Circulatory support, anti ageing

      Active Ingredients & Nutrition: Pine bark extract is packed with natural flavonols, bioflavonoids (proanthocyanidins), vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

      Rhodiola- Rhodiola Rosea


      • Supports a healthy nervous system 
      • May support focus and concentration
      • May assist to regulate stress and mood
      • May support immunity 
      • May support vitality and sexual function 
      Origin of use: Native to dry arctic regions has been in use since the first century AD. 

      Thermal Nature: Warming

      Category: Adaptogen, nervine, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory. 

      Active Ingredients and nutrition: Rhodiola roots contain phenols, polyphenols (rosavin, rosin, rosarin, geraniol, myrtenol, 1-octanol, phenylethilic alcohol, cinnamic alcohol, salidroside, p-tyrosol, rhodioniside, rhodiolin, rosiridin proanthocyanidins, quercetin, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid and kaempferol), organic acids, terpenoids, phenolcarbonic acids and their derivatives, flavonoids, anthraquinones, and alkaloids. 

      Siberian Ginseng Eleutherococcus senticosus


      • May support immunity
      • May reduce the severity and the duration of colds
      • May help reduce stress and fatigue 
      • May support memory & visual perception
      • May improve cognitive function

      Origin: Asia 

      Thermal Nature: Warming

      Category: Adaptogen, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, nootropic.

      Active Ingredients and Nutrition: Siberian ginseng contains eleutherosides.