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Flightamins provides a clever, natural multivitamin option for the whole family (over 2 years of age).

Flightamins for Adults

When flying
Adults – Drink one sachet mixed with at least 200ml of water or juice before take off (depending on taste preference, up to 1.5 litres of fluid can be mixed with the Flightamins) and another sachet every 4–6 hours.

As a daily multivitamin
Mix with water or juice and take 1–4 sachets daily, depending on exertion. When exercising strenuously, trekking, sweating in hot climates, feeling unwell or not eating sufficient nutrition, adults may take up to 4 sachets daily.

Flightamins for Children

When flying
Children – Drink ½ sachet mixed with at least 200ml water or juice before take off and then another ½ sachet every 4–6 hours.

As a daily multivitamin
Mix with water or juice and take ½–1 sachet daily. May take up to 2 daily in cases of excessive exertion.

Vitamin and mineral supplements obtained from wholefood ingredients are safer than those derived from synthetic ingredients, especially for children. Flightamins is made from 100% wholefoods and has no added caffeine, sugar, gluten, artificial flavours or preservatives. Our products are coloured with natural vegetable colours.

Children love the fruity taste of Flightamins! It is a great way to boost the vitamin and mineral intake of fussy eaters, especially when exposed to different foods abroad.

The following children may particularly benefit from a daily vitamin supplement:

  • Kids who aren't eating regular, well-balanced meals made from fresh wholefoods
  • Finicky eaters who simply aren't eating enough
  • Kids with chronic medical conditions such as asthma or digestive problems, especially if on medication. (Be sure to consult your child's doctor first)
  • Particularly active kids who play physically demanding sports
  • Kids who eat a lot of fast food, convenience food or processed food
  • Kids on a vegetarian diet (they may need an iron supplement), or if they are on another restricted diet
  • Kids who drink a lot of carbonated sodas, which can leach vitamins and minerals from the body