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Flightamins offers travellers a low sodium vitamin option at only 102.8mg per 6 grams sachet. This is less than half of the sodium found in a competitor brand.*

The Heart Foundation of Australia suggests that adults limit their consumption of salt to less than 6g (2,300 mg of sodium) per day.

People with high blood pressure, kidney problems or diabetes must be particularly careful with their salt intake and should aim to cut their consumption to no more than 4g per day (1,600mg).

A high level of salt in the diet can contribute to other conditions such as edema, the risk of which increases with air travel.

This is why Flightamins has created the lowest possible sodium content for travellers. We want to ensure our product contains all 6 electrolytes necessary for effective rehydration. Because sodium is one of these electrolytes, it is important we include it in the formulation.

Good ways to decrease salt in your life:

  1. Choose Flightamins
  2. Don’t add salt to cooking or at the table
  3. Cut back on processed foods
  4. Eat less takeaway foods
  5. By low sodium products
  6. Use effervescent vitamins with care**

*Frequent Flyer Health boost contains 260mg per effervescent tablet
**These vitamins usually fizz due to a chemical reaction between sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. They are usually high in sodium.