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Flightamins is a unique vitamin, mineral and herbal formulation designed specifically for travellers, both on and off the plane. Flightamins contains an intelligent combination of 100% wholefood-sourced ingredients. This includes vitamins A, C and E, zinc, selenium, echinacea and a unique combination of herbal extracts, to boost the immune system. We have added magnesium for muscle relaxation, as well as a full B vitamin complex, 6 essential electrolytes, and antioxidants to fight free radicals. By staying hydrated and healthy with Flightamins you can naturally help to minimize symptoms of Jet Lag.

How do adults take Flightamins and how often?

On the plane, pour a sachet of Flightamins into water or juice and stir. Drink one sachet mixed with at least 200ml before take off (depending on taste preference, up to 1.5 litres of fluid can be mixed), then another sachet every 4–6 hours. Max sachets per day is 4 for adults.
Taken as a daily multivitamin, mix with water or juice and take 1–2 sachets daily.

Can Flightamins be taken by children?

Yes, Children over 2 years old can take Flightamins at a 1/2 dose. For flying, drink 1/2 sachet prior to take off and then another 1/2 sachet given every 4–6 hours. Do not exceed 2 sachets daily. Children can take Flightamins as a daily multivitamin at 1/2 sachet per dose. Generally 1/2–1 sachet daily is enough.

Can pregnant/ lactating women take Flightamins?

We always advise pregnant women to check with their GP or other primary health practitioner before taking Flightamins. However, because the formulation is composed entirely of natural wholefood-sourced nutrients, it is generally safe for women who are pregnant or lactating.

Why is Flightamins packed into powdered sachets rather than sold as pre-made liquid?

Powdered sachets are light and convenient to pack and carry. You don’t have to worry about regulations on liquids at airport gates or weight restrictions. A whole box of Flightamins sachets weighs a lot less than if we’d bottled it. Also, plastic bottles are generally very bad for the environment. We package our Flightamins in 100% recycled cardboard. You decide when you take them, on or off the plane. Mix with juice or water for a healthy boost.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins and how do I tell if a product is 100% natural by reading the label?

Nearly 95% of vitamins and minerals are synthetically produced. Flightamins is leading the way in 100% natural vitamins, which are made by finding wholefoods and plants that are naturally high in vitamins and minerals and extracting those ingredients. Synthetic vitamins are made in a lab and many common vitamins are made using products like acetone, hydrolysed sugar and chalk. Click for more information.

Why do we need B complex vitamins daily?

B vitamin complex is made up of 8 essential B vitamins that must be obtained from the diet on a daily basis. B vitamins play a role in many bodily functions such as energy production (B vitamins help to change carbohydrate, protein and fat into energy), which in turn assists with red blood cell formation, as well as mood regulation and other processes. Stress, alcohol intake, smoking, eating processed foods or a poor diet may lead to a deficiency in B vitamins. Click for more information.

Why do supplements with electrolytes mixed with water provide greater hydration than water without electrolytes?

Flightamins contains all 6 of the essential electrolytes. When electrolytes are added to water, they assist the body to hold the fluid in the body’s cells, improving hydration. Click for more information.

Is Flightamins suitable for people on low sodium diets?

Yes. Flightamins contains 102.8mg per 6g sachet, which is less sodium than other similar products. Depending on your restrictions and your diet and lifestyle, you may take between 1–4 sachets per day. Click for more information.

Is Flightamins suitable for people who are gluten intolerant?

Flightamins does not contain gluten. The maltodextrin in Flightamins is sourced from corn (so it is gluten free). In rare cases celiacs may have difficultly with maltodextrin (this is usually because the maltodextrin is barley derived). Ask your health professional for more information.

Can Flightamins be taken by people with fructose malabsorption?

Flightamins does not contain any added fructose and does not contain fructose corn syrup. We do suggest testing Flightamins prior to travel, as individual sensitivities may occur, despite this being uncommon.

Is Flightamins sugar free? What about flavour? How is it sweetened?

Yes, Flightamins is free of sugar, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Flightamins is sweetened using a product called thaumatin, which is a natural plant extract derived from the katemfe fruit found in West Africa. Thaumatin is a low-calorie protein sweetener. It is 2000–3000 times sweeter than sugar, which is why we use only the tiniest amount.

Why does Flightamins contain maltodextrin and what is it?

Flightamins uses maltodextrin to ensure the sweetness of thaumatin is evenly distributed throughout the product. Maltodextrin is used to add bulk to the very small quantity of thaumatin that we use.

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate and a natural corn starch, so it is safe to use. Of course there are some people who are allergic to maltodextrin, just like there are people allergic to peanuts, shellfish and other natural ingredients. Providing you are not allergic, maltodextrin is a safe, all-natural ingredient.