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Say NO to jet lag!

Combining plant-based vitamins and minerals, adaptogenic herbs and superfoods.

Flightamins ensures you arrive feeling fresh and revitalised. 



Feel revitalised, energised and balanced.

Flightamins is designed to replenish nutrients that are particularly depleted during times of stress, travel and exertion. We use superfoods to obtain huge quantities of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cofactors so you can be confident of high bioavailability. 

We support your poor dehydrated body with electrolytes and minerals so your brain is optimised and your body stays in flow. 

We draw on wisdom of Ayuveda and Traditional Chinese medicine and include potent herbal ingredients that balance your body and amplify your potential.

Make jet lag a thing of the past!

Flightamins combines ancient knowledge with modern research, to bring you total travel support around the clock, wherever you go!  

All real: NO synthetic vitamins or minerals NO fillers, NO sugars- sucrose or fructose, NO additives, NO animal ingredients, NO caffeine, NO herbicides or pesticides, NO GM ingredients.