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Flightamins was founded by Aussie nutritionist and Chinese medicine practitioner Danielle Ashley, to share the benefits of good health with people around the world.

In early 2011 Danielle headed off on a 6 month solo trek across Central Asia. It was remote and challenging walking 20-30km most days, often in high altitude with a very limited diet (it was relatively common to get dry bread and salty goat milk for dinner!).

Fortunately, Danielle packed her 'essential' herbs and nutrients and she felt energetic and healthy while she was away. Despite the few extra kg of weight in her luggage!  

On the flight home, as Danielle observed the other travellers it was obvious that for most people, low energy, sickness, stress and low mood were getting in the way of them making the most out of their trips. 

Danielle spent the next couple of years getting to know her customers and conducted extensive research into the best herbal ingredients that would ensure she could meet their needs. Danielle drew from on existing health knowledge engaged advice from other experts as she continued to refine the formulation.  

Its taken extensive commitment, Danielle worked tirelessly on Flightamins and had 2 additional jobs to self fund the project. 

The Flightamins Original product was launched in 2014 and sold in airports Australia wide at WHSmith, Newslink, Watermark books and in the QANTAS lounge. 

Flightamins is a convenient all-in-one supplement that helps people stay healthy, feel vital and optimise their performance each day whether they are at home or away. 

 Unfortunately in 2015, Danielle's mother was diagnosed with late stage cancer so Danielle decided to care for her and put Flightamins on the back burner. Danielle's mum sadly died in late 2017 and Danielle took time to heal and recalibrate.

She hadn't given up on Flightamins and remained committed to her vision and empowered by the memory of her mums tenacity, Danielle reworked the product into a convenient whole-food capsule and relaunched the product in 2019. 

Flightamins is a nutrient rich All- In- One formulation to optimise your life and support your wellbeing, wherever you may be.

The formulation is well balanced, bio- available and combines the wisdom of ancient herbal medicine; Chinese and Ayuvedic medicine with nutritional science. 

At Flightamins, we use business is a force for good. 

We have just launched a new community project called Kindness Kitchen where we make healthy delicious meals each week to support the homeless in Melbourne Australia.

Everyone deserves good nutrition!

Visit the Kindness Kitchen Facebook page here. 

Kindness Kitchen