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Flightamins is an all natural nutritional supplement formulated especially for travellers.

Made entirely from plant- based ingredients and super-foods, Flightamins is made entirely from plant-based superfoods and herbal ingredients. Each capsule contains an array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients, bio-flavanoids and co-factors.

Light and easy to carry, Flightamins is designed to keep you well when travelling. It combats jet lag, hydrates, boosts immunity and ensures you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go.

Flightamins doesn't contain any added sugars (added fructose or sucrose), artificial flavours, colours, palm oil, gluten or caffeine. It is suitable for travellers of all kinds, from business professionals to holidaymakers. 

The Flightamins story

After completing a Bachelors degree in Health Science, Flightamins founder Danielle Ashley headed for Central Asia with a backpack, almost 5kg of carefully selected vitamins and a desire to explore. Despite the challenging mountainous conditions and simple food (she once lived off goat’s milk for three days!), Danielle was astonished at how well she felt after 7 months on the road. Comparatively, she met many people along the way suffering from travel-related illnesses. She discovered they hadn’t sufficiently prepared to care for their health while overseas.

jet lag

On the way home from this journey, on a flight back to Melbourne, Danielle had a stark realisation that most travellers were misinformed about the impact of travel conditions on their health. When she looked around the plane, Danielle realised that the joy of flying was gone, people looked sick and tired, it was then that the idea of Flightamins was born. She decided to combine her love of travelling with her experience in natural health and put all of her energy and knowledge into making a product that would help travellers stay well. Danielle would have no need to carry a heavy bag with lots of different supplements around on her future trips, Flightamins would be light and convenient!  Since then, Danielle and her team have worked tirelessly creating a wonderful natural plant- based  product that truly supports travellers the world over. The Flightamins brand continues to grow and remains the vehicle with which Danielle can share her passion for health with travellers in a direct and positive way. 

Our vision

We aim to have Flightamins available in all major airports, health and travel stores worldwide. Our vision is to support optimum health in travellers so they feel great and can do great things! We create wholefood products because we believe natural is best. We are a socially responsible company and are passionate about supporting worthwhile causes. We are currently supporting homeless charity The Big Umbrella, find out more here.

We believe in business as a inspiring force for global health improvement and change.

This unique product—along with the entrepreneurial flair of its founder—has already caught the attention of Sir Richard Branson. And if a leading travel luminary like him is sitting up and taking notice of Flightamins, it won’t be long before the rest of the globe jumps on board.

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