Unlock Your Natural Vitality

All-In-One, plant- based formula to keep you on top of your game.

Powered By Plants

14 Herbal ingredients 

27 Bio-available Plant-Based Vitamins & Minerals 

Australian Made & Owned

Benefits of Flightamins

Immunity Support

Energy & Vitality

Stress Reduction 

Gaining the attention of expert travellers

Danielle Ashley, Flightamins founder was invited to share her vision with Sir Richard Branson.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Nutritional Science

Created by an Aussie nutritionist and Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

Flightamins combines herbal wisdom with nutritional research.

Is Flightamins For You?

You want a natural way to  support your nutritional needs each day

You want to stay well and improve your immunity and feel vital as you work travel or play?

You’re overworked, stressed and could do with a boost!

You travel frequently and struggle to eat well on the road

You just don’t feel as energetic as you used to.

Create a healthy workplace

Flightamins creates bespoke capsule packs for companies & corporate functions

Customer & staff co-branded capsule packs available 


"I need to be full of energy and on top of my game each day. The pressures of work and flying were beating me down, I'd feel fatigued, unfocused and dehydrated after flying, until I found flightamins. Now, when I work I am sharp and on my game. When I fly, I hit the ground running, Thank you Flightamins!" 

"I feel great when I take Flightamins, it helps me get through the challenging days at work as a nurse. Then when I travel, I manage to stay up the whole day while being productive. I didn't crash till 9pm, slept really well and had zero jet lag in the following days!"

"WOW! Solid energy and concentration for hours. Great on the stomach. As good as my B-Activ if not better. This new recipe is a game changer. Thank you & Congratulations!"

"I felt awake in the day and hydrated. Skin didn't feel dry. Had previously been run down from too many back to back flights and felt much better after Flightamins." 

"Surprisingly good. Noticeably more energy and less fatigued, especially considering how terrible I felt the week prior to going away."