The Only All In One Travel Supplement

Flightamins reduces jet lag and increases traveller vitality and wellbeing using a unique blend of adaptogenic herbs and superfoods.

Flightamins is a quality, all natural plant based supplement.

Recover fast, feel vital!

Did you know that over 95% of supplements are SYNTHETIC?

We are proud to be in the minority, offering high quality, all natural plant-based supplements that work!

Flightamins superfood capsules

Insure your vitality with a healthy body and mind

PRE ORDER Flightamins Wholefood Capsules
  • 100% natural whole food ingredients

    NO synthetically derived vitamins or minerals, NO fillers.  NO GMO ingredients.     Suitable for vegans. 

  • Stop wasting days jet lagged!

    We surveyed travellers on long haul jet lag recovery times. Those who took Flightamins reported recovery from jet lag in HALF the time of other travellers. 

  • All In One travel supplement

    Containing carefully selected blend of superfood ingredients, wholefood vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, trace elements and electrolytes.

  • Business as a force for good

    For every bottle of Flightamins you buy, we give 2 nutrient rich Flightamins drinks to a homeless person in partnership with charity The Big Umbrella. 

Why choose Flightamins?

Travelling, stress, coffee and alcohol, sleep deprivation and a poor diet can wreak havoc with our health. Leaving us feeling tired, irritable and prone to getting sick. We can waste days of our trip with disturbed sleep,  struggling with the effects of jet lag. 

Flightamins replenishes  traveller nutrition and amplifies vitality!

 We use superfoods to obtain huge quantities of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cofactors so you can be confident of high bioavailability. 

We support your poor dehydrated body with electrolytes and minerals so your brain is optimised and your body stays in flow. 

We draw on wisdom of Ayuveda and Traditional Chinese medicine and include potent herbal ingredients that balance your body and amplify your potential.

Flightamins ensures you arrive feeling nourished, clam and confident, ready to make the most of your journey. By reducing jet lag recovery time, boosting immunity and nourishing your body.

Flightamins helps you save time so you can start your trip sooner!

All real: NO synthetic vitamins or minerals NO fillers, NO sugars- sucrose or fructose, NO additives, NO animal ingredients, NO caffeine, NO herbicides or pesticides, NO GM ingredients.  


Flightamins has featured in:

Our Founder- Danielle Ashley

Loves Flightamins because it allows her to combine her three passions:

Travel, Health & Supporting those in need!

After completing a Bachelors degree in Chinese medicine and a diploma in Naturopathy, Flightamins founder Danielle Ashley headed for Central Asia with a backpack, heavy with about 5kg of herbs and nutritional products.

Danielle excited to explore the region and despite the challenging mountainous conditions and simple food (she once lived off goat’s milk for three days!), after 7 months on the road she felt fantastic! Danielle met many travellers along the way who were fatigued and flat because they hadn't taken any measures to take care of their health while they were away.  

On the flight back to her home in Melbourne, Danielle looked around the plane and saw nearly all the other passengers looking exhausted and miserable!

Danielle knew travel didn't feel that way to her because she was feeling nutritionally balanced and that had a strong impact on her mental state too. She decided to make a travel supplement that would help travellers feel vital and reduce jet lag so they could see more and feel amazing! 

Danielle created the Flightamins formulation utilising her expertise in health and travel. She worked two jobs alongside the start up and invested all of her own money to fund the project.

Flightamins was created to provide excellent natural nutrition to travellers and to fund social projects to improve wellness and quality of life for those less fortunate!

Flightamins Believes Everyone Deserves Access To Good Nutrition

Which is why everytime you buy a pack of Flightamins we give 2 Flightamins drinks to a homeless person. We love working to support the Big Umbrella's Real Meal program weekly at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.

Everyone deserves good nutrition, so together with our volunteers, we serve over 150 cups of Flightamins per week!

The visitors to the Big Umbrella have got used to Flightamins ' the drink' as they refer to us... and many people love the healthy feeling it gives them. 

A couple of the memorable comments from our visitors are: 

"I've feeling tired and dead inside all day, but now I've had this I feel more alive." 

"I like it, its like a forest in a drink!."

We enjoy supporting The Big Umbrella and look forward to launching more awesome social projects as we continue to grow!

  • 1pm WITHOUT Flightamins

    Your FOMO is real! Your body clock isn't cooperating and all your seeing is the walls of your hotel room.

  • 1pm WITH Flightamins

    Your out, amongst it! Feeling GOOOOD!!


"I fly on a stupid schedule to make events and keep up as our brand grows, I need to be full of energy and on top of my game when I land, flying was beating me down. I'd feel dehydrated, tired and sore after flying, until I found flightamins. I land and hit the ground running, I feel sharp and on my game. Thanks to Flightamins for making my travel possible." 

"I arrived early in the morning and managed to stay up the whole day while being productive. I didn't crash till 9pm, zero jet lag in the following days!"

"I felt awake in the day and hydrated. Skin didn't feel dry. Had previously been run down from too many back to back flights and felt much better after Flightamins." 

"Surprisingly good. Noticeably more energy and less fatigued, especially considering how terrible I felt the week prior to going away."